2023 Simons Collaboration on Ultra Quantum Matter Annual Meeting

Date & Time

Michael Hermele, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard University

Leon Balents, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
John McGreevy, UC San Diego
Dam Thanh Son, University of Chicago
Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard University
Monika Aidelsburger, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Ana Maria Rey, University of Colorado Boulder / NIST
Shu-Heng Shao, Stony Brook University
Mike Zaletel, UC Berkeley

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Meeting Goals:
The two overarching goals of the Simons Collaboration on Ultra Quantum Matter (UQM) are to develop the theory of highly entangled quantum matter and to work towards physical realization, particularly in synthetic matter systems. The collaboration’s 2023 annual meeting will include a mix of condensed matter, high-energy, quantum information and atomic physicists and will survey progress in constructing and understanding exotic quantum field theories of fracton phases, as well as recent developments in the theory of compressible gapless phases and other forms of UQM.

In addition, we will describe progress and prospects in realizing various forms of UQM in cold atomic systems as well as moiré materials. The interplay of entanglement and measurements, the development of nonlocal probes, and how to steer these developments towards more robust realizations of highly entangled states will be discussed. Mirroring the convergence of different communities in recent exciting developments, the meeting will bring together a wide spectrum of theoretical physicists cutting across traditional boundaries, aiming to plant the seeds for further progress.

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    9:30 AM Ashvin Vishwanath
    10:30 AMBREAK
    11:00 AMShu-Heng Shao
    12:00 PMLUNCH
    1:00 PMDam Thanh Son
    2:00 PMBREAK
    2:30 PMJohn McGreevy
    3:30 PMBREAK
    4:00 PMLeon Balents


    9:30 AMAna Maria Rey
    10:30 AMBREAK
    11:00 AMMonika Aidelsburger
    12:00 PMLUNCH
    1:00 PMMike Zaletel
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