Hormone Circuits Interest Group Meeting

Date & Time

How does the liver, pancreas, or any organ communicate with the brain or with each other? This is accomplished via hormones.

Th Hormone Circuits Interest Groupw ill focus on studying *hormone circuits*, which impact so much of human biology, disease (e.g. diabetes, depression) and behavior.

The overall goal is to
1) gain background knowledge,
2) brainstorm project ideas and
3) find collaborative opportunities.

Hormone circuits operate on multiple time scales (seconds to months) and display many different oscillation cycles (seasonal/daily/ monthly, e.g. female sex hormones over the menstrual cycle, morning cortisol peaks), that will *require* mathematical approaches to understand the underlying constraints, dynamics, and mechanisms. Thus, this area of research is ripe for collaborative opportunities. Our hope is that FI collaborations and even cross interest group collaborations (e.g. comp. vision, microscopy, modeling) will ultimately lead to developing new approaches and insights.

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