DNA and Cold Cases: From Crime Scene to Courtroom

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  • Melissa MourgesProsecutor, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
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This webinar may depict crime scenes and criminal evidence of a violent or sexual nature through crime scene photos and evidence reports and therefore is intended only for adults and children supervised by a guardian.

TV shows like CSI give viewers a glimpse of how investigators solve crimes using DNA and other forensic tools, all wrapped up in an hour. What these shows skip over is important: the evolution of DNA technology. DNA completely changed the way law enforcement investigates crime. Now we can prove beyond any doubt whose DNA was left at a crime scene. Highly sensitive technology allows us to develop forensic DNA profiles from vanishingly small samples. A national and international network of DNA databases results in “cold hits” that link previously unknown perpetrators to cases, exonerate the innocent and bring justice to victims.

Mourges will use real cold cases, including homicides and rapes, to demonstrate how this forensic revolution solves crimes and changes lives.

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