CCN Seminar with Michail Tsodkys

Date & Time

Michail Tsodyks, The Gerald and Hedy Oliven Professorial Chair in Brain Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and C.V. Starr Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study will speak at CCN this coming Thursday, January 27.

Talk Title: Mathematical models of human memory

I will present my recent work on mathematical modeling of human memory. I will argue that memory recall of random lists of items is governed by the universal algorithm resulting in the analytical relation between the number of items in memory and the number of items that can be successfully recalled. The retention of items in memory on the other hand is not universal and differs for different types of items being remembered, in particular retention curves for words and sketches is different even when sketches are made to only carry information about an object being drawn. I will discuss the putative reasons for these observations and introduce the phenomenological model predicting retention curves. 

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