CCN Seminar: Alexei Koulakov, Cold Spring Harbor Library

Date & Time

Please join us for our CCN Seminar on Monday, February 14th at 10:30AM with our guest speaker, Alexei Koulakov, CSHL

Title: Evolution of neural development as a machine learning problem.

Abstract: Neural development leads to the establishment of precise connectivity in the nervous system based on information contained in the genome. By contrasting the information capacities of cortical connectivity and the genome, I will argue that simplifying rules are necessary in order to create cortical connections from the limited set of instructions. Such rules contain compact statistical summary of our prior evolutionary experience and form the blueprint for the cognitive capacity of human brain. I will review the mathematical formalism that can explain a wide range of data on the interplay between molecular and experience-dependent mechanisms of connectivity formation.

Onsite location is in the GDF Auditorium at 160 5th Avenue. (This onsite location is subject to change so please stay tuned for updates). Please see the Zoom credentials in the calendar invite for those of you tuning in remotely. 

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