CCA Galaxy Cluster Workshop

Date & Time


9:00-9:40am breakfast

9:40-10:50 welcome + 4 talks
Kevin Fogarty: Cooling, Star Formation, and Feedback in CLASH Cool-Core Galaxy Clusters
Mark Voit: Precipitation & Turbulence
Karen Yang: Modeling AGN Feedback Beyond Hydrodynamics
Yu Qiu: The Interplay of Quasar- and Radio-mode Feedback in Galaxy Clusters

10:50-11:15 coffee break

11:15-12:30 2 talks + discussion
Megan Donahue: Entropy profiles in gas around powerful radio galaxies in nearby ellipticals
Yuan Li: Multiphase Gas in Elliptical Galaxies

12:30-1:50 lunch

1:50-3:00 5 talks
Mike McDonold: Galaxy Cluster Evolution over 10 Gyr
Steven Boada: On the hunt for the most massive clusters in the universe
Daisuke Nagai: Shock and Splash: Gas and Dark Matter Halo Boundaries of Galaxy Clusters
Michael Tremmel: The RomulusC Simulation: Galaxy Evolution in Clusters at High Resolution
Urmila Chadayammuri: The AGN-merger connection in cosmological simulations of clusters

3:00-3:15 coffee break

3:15-4:30 2 talks + discussion
John ZuHone: Cluster Merger Physics from Simulations and Observations
Stephanie Tonnesen: Ram Pressure Stripping

4:30-5:30 reception

Note: All talks are 10min + 5min Q&A

Please contact Yuan Li Contact: Yuan Li at to be added to the guest list.


Steven Boada
Greg Bryan
Urmila Chadayammuri
Megan Donahue
Peter Doze
Kevin Fogarty
Jack Hughes
Yuan Li
Michael McDonald
Daisuke Nagai
Yu Qiu
Stephanie Tonnesen
Michael Tremmel
Mark Voit
Anna Wright
Hsiang-Yi Karen Yang
John ZuHone

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